Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Time Out Boston - Best of 2010

The new Time Out Boston site was unveiled today, following much anticipation from us. A few months ago, the fine people at Time Out Boston reached out to us, to let us know that they were putting together a music guide, that would be part of this release, and wanted to feature Viva Viva. Today, we read the music guide to find out that they selected our self-titled debut album as their pick for Album of the Year!

Barry Thompson writes, "With their unhinged stage presence and unapologetic attitude, Viva Viva is at the forefront of the dirty rock revival that’s snapping Boston out of its electro-induced haze."

This is a great honor, and we are truly grateful to the entire crew at Time Out Boston. Congratulations on the great new site and cheers on all work you've done to transform Time Out Boston into a "where-to-go, what-to-do" site for Bostonians.

For those coming out to the Middlesex Lounge tonite for our show with Needy Vision, fresh off the press, print copies of Time Out Boston will be available, featuring Viva Viva and many other great local bands.

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