Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Converse <3's Viva Viva

If you've been keeping up to date on your Viva Viva news, then you are probably already aware of the love that Converse has for Viva Viva (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). Today we took that love to another level. Converse had their global sales meeting in Boston this morning, highlighted by a runway show of their 2012 lines, featuring the rocking tunes of Viva Viva! (Not to mention an incredible stage background/mural painted by homedoods Dana + Kenji of Project SF.) But instead of them playing some tunes off a CD over the PA, they brought in the real deal.

Besides the 6am stage call, it was a good time hanging with models and meeting some of the great people at Converse - who made sure we were well taken care of (thanks for the bananas Lindsay!). We're pretty excited about the show and so were they - telling all their 20 million+ facebook friends about Viva Viva!

Hopefully this relationship will continue and blossom into something beautiful. You too will be able to benefit from this relationship soon enough. We'll have some surprises for you here and there.

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