Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SHOW: The War On Drugs + Converse x SXSW

We've had a lot going on since we've returned from SXSW. This Sat Apr 7, we are playing at the Middle East Downstairs, opening for The War On Drugs and Ape School. We also have a show Sat May 26 with our brothers Frank Smith, from Austin, TX, returning home on their Northeast tour, along with Hallelujah The Hills releasing their new album, and The New Highway Hymnal opening it up. Tickets are on sale, online, for both these shows, so get yours now!

There are more shows in the works, that we will soon update you on here.  But in the meantime, check out this great video from Converse, shot during SXSW at their Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Austin. They asked us to come in for a live recording session, and we did Hailing A Cab In Hell, the first single from our new EP, What's The Kim Deal? They had a rented out a very cool studio in Austin called Big Orange, and we got to hang out for a bit, and score some sweet new Chucks! Check out this article from ChinaShop for some pictures - if you look close enough, you can pick out some of the Vivas and those hot new Converse.

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