Monday, June 4, 2012

Spinner MP3 of the Day

Today on Spinner our new song Even The Score, off the What's The Kim Deal? EP, is being featured as their Free MP3 Download of the Day. Make sure to get over there and stream yourself a listen, then download your free MP3!

Chris Warren was available for the interview and was asked about the song. He said, "When growing up I think it's natural to think the world is against you. It's a tough thing to outgrow. To be fighting in a war that has been over for years ... There's a bittersweet pain and nostalgia looking back at some of your enemies." Check out the rest of what Chris had to say over at Spinner and give the song a listen (or two).

In case you haven't picked up a copy of the EP, digital downloads can be found at iTunes and Amazon. For those looking to score a physical copy of the glorious hot pink vinyl, then find your way to your local record store like Store 54, Tres Gatos, Somerville Grooves, Armageddon Shop, or Newbury Comics, who will be releasing it in stores tomorrow! For those fans who aren't local to Boston, we also have copies available for mail order here on our Viva Viva merch page.

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