Wednesday, July 18, 2012


If you haven't heard: this horrible thing is happening that involves you and your radio and WFNX and it not being on your radio dial anymore. Everything's the worst.

So let's all fucking cry about it next week at Great Scott, when WFNX and Boston Accents throw three back-to-back Funeral Parties to give themselves a deservedly long goodbye. We're headlining the first show on Monday night with RIBS, Earthquake Party & Fat Creeps, but all three line-ups are gonna rule, so come to all of them and pay your respects.

Tickets are $10 or $25 for all three nights. Get more infos and tickets or passes here.

But waiiit, there's more: Boston Accents put together a free 12-track comp with songs from all the Funeral Party performers. Our track Snakes in the Shadows is on there, plus there's a brand new song from our homedudes and homelady in Mean Creak. So go download a heap of super coolie local music for freaking free, and then come hang out with us and all these bands next week. It'll be awesome and sad but at least we'll all have each other.

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